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Located in the metro Atlanta area, Asset Management Professionals, LLC was founded in 2006 by Michael Rosenthal and Merle Worsham who have been in consumer credit and collections for a combined 40 years.  They have held positions in operations, risk management, and product development with Circuit City Credit Card Bank, Chase, and TransUnion.

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About Us

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Merle Worsham 

Merle Worsham has served as SVP with Chase Credit Card Services as the Site Manager for a 1000 seat inbound/outbound call center.   For 15 years prior to Chase, Mr. Worsham oversaw all aspects of collections and customer service operations of Circuit City’s Credit Card Bank, FNANB.  Mr. Worsham has expertise in call center management, human resources and collection strategy and oversees these aspects of the business at Asset Management Professionals.
Michael Rosenthal 

Michael Rosenthal has served in various operational and analytic roles, including Chief Risk Officer, during his 13 year tenure at Circuit City’s Credit Card Bank, FNANB.  For 2 years prior to FNANB, Mr. Rosenthal was the Director of Product Development for TransUnion’s collections’ products and services.  Mr. Rosenthal has expertise in data analytics, operations, and IT.
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Dave DeLellis

Dave DeLellis  has served as SVP with JP Morgan Chase Chase Credit Card Services as the the Global Executive for Outsourcing.   Dave has more than 20 years of experience with JPMorgan Chase and GE. Mr. DeLellis experience in multi site operations, global outsourcing and leadership brings great expertise to the board of Asset Management Professionals.